Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. I know it might feel a bit like Groundhog Day lately, but I hope you have some fun weekend plans even if they aren’t as exciting as you would have hoped because 2020 has shaken up all the plans. We’ll be working in the yard this weekend and watching my nephew play some tennis in La Costa. He’s so good and we love cheering him on.

I have a few things to share that I’ve been loving this week including a new vegetarian dinner recipe we loved.

Chocolate PB cups

So first things first, let’s start off with some chocolate. I have a sweet, sweet friend in NY who sent me these delicious Perfect Bar dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I love everything I’ve had from Perfect Bar and these are no exception. They do need to be refrigerated, and while they aren’t exactly “healthy”, they are a delicious whole food alternative to Reese’s. They have a tiny sprinkling of sea salt which is a marriage made in heaven with chocolate and PB in my opinion. You can order directly from Perfect Bar with free shipping (they send with ice packs) and get 15% off your first order.

Eye Sleep Mask

Next is a sleep hack that I just discovered. The hubby has been staying up later reading with his bedside light on making it harder to fall asleep. I also was waking up before the alarm as light comes through our cheapo blinds. I decided to try an eye sleep mask that I got for free on some Jet Blue flight and I love this thing. It’s like a light switch for my mind and I can instantly fall asleep once I’ve drowned out the light. I’ve ordered a silk one from Amazon (only $7) hoping it’s a bit more comfy, but this might be something you want to try if you’re having issues falling/staying asleep.

Hint water

So when this first came out, I did not like the blackberry flavor I tried and wrote it off. They’ve since come out with a flurry of flavors and they are delicious. It’s still water that is lightly and naturally fruit flavored. My favorites are the apple, black cherry, pineapple and watermelon. There is a peach flavor, but I have not been able to find it at my local stores yet. If you don’t like sparking water or like me, you can’t drink due to reflux issues, give this a try. Ensure it’s super cold as it’s not very good at room temp. You can order off Amazon, but I found mine at Target and most grocery stores do carry.

And for the recipe we tried and loved this week…..I’ve tried a few black bean taco recipes and this one was similar but the cilantro pesto made it stand out. So delicious and good on a hot day.

Black Bean Tacos with Cilantro Pesto

Here’s to a gorgeous weekend!

Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Oh good grief, I do not know where December went, but here we are, five days out from Christmas. Men always seem to be the hardest to shop for and my hubby is no exception. While I’m sure he’d be happy as a clam receiving a Home Depot gift card (and that is one of his little gifts), I do try to put some thought into his gifts. We don’t go too big at Christmas or birthdays as we prefer to spend the moola on travel or big home projects. Here’s a round up of what he’ll be getting as his big gifts and also little stocking stuffers:

  1. Smartwool Socks

Smartwool socks

Hubs discovered Smartwool socks in preparation for our trip to Greece. He wanted breathable (not smelly) socks that he could wear more than one day and on a long airplane flight. Enter in Smartwool socks and these have now become his favorite socks to live in. He’s also a fan of their underlayers for when we’re camping in cold temps. I thought I’d surprise him with Smartwool dress socks so he can literally wear them all the time.

Dress socks

2. Apple Watch Band

We love, love, love our Apple Watches after upgrading from Fitbits. Hubs still has his original watchband that came with it and I thought it’d be nice to have a dressier option to switch out to. It’s not super great quality, but it does the trick.


3. Hand Sanitizer

I know, this seems so lame, but I can’t count how many times he’s needed hand sanitizer while we’re out and about. I got the mini spray bottle at Trader Joe’s and think this will be perfect for him to keep in his truck.


4.DIY Book

Hubs is planning on building his very own workshop from the ground up this year so I thought a book with some plans and helpful tips would be fun for him to have on hand.


5. Gift card to Home Depot

It is his favorite place and he mentioned wanting a nail gun. I tried looking for nail guns and it was overwhelming so now he can pick out the perfect one.

6. Allbirds

Hubs can be a Goldilocks when it comes to finding shoes. With all the hype these shoes are getting, I figured these might be a winner. Not to mention, he loves wool socks so why not wool shoes? I will report back on his like/dislike. I got the Wool Runners and they have guaranteed free shipping to make it by Christmas Eve. Weeee!


And that my friends is a wrap that I still need to wrap! Merry Christmas and I hope that gives you all some inspiration for the man in your life.


My 4 Favorite Blogs to Follow

Happy Friday! We made it! It’s been one of those calmer weeks around here, which I like and would not trade for anything. For today’s Friday favorites, I wanted to share a few of the blogs that I really love and follow on a regular basis. You’ll see a common theme here, as they are all blogs with a mix of fitness, food and fashion; lifestyle blogs that have some variety to them. So without further ado, here are my favorite blogging ladies and I’d love to hear of any bloggers that you are loving right now too.

The Hungry Runner Girl


While I’m not an avid runner, I love this gal’s blog and read it almost daily. The Hungry Runner Girl is Janae, a Utah mom of three young kiddos. I don’t know how she does it, but she blogs every day. The topic of running takes a prominent spot on the blog, but she also talks a ton about food, family and products she’s using. You feel like you’re one of her good friends giving you a glimpse into her daily life all while being genuine and transparent. She ALMOST motivates me to start running again half marathons again, but then I remember how much I don’t enjoy running long distances. We’ll see. If you are a runner or just want some food tips, this is a great blog to check out.

Honey We’re Home 


I have to say Megan’s blog, Honey We’re Home, is my favorite spot to go to for fashion, beauty and fitness tips. She’s a Texas mama of two, in her early forties and is as fit and cute as can be. If you are part of the short girl club, you will love her petite friendly outfits (she’s 5’1”). Her style is casual, classic and feminine and I love that she tests out so many outfits for us petite ladies. She also gives great beauty tutorials on hair, makeup and skincare that are easy to follow. She taught me how to use a curling wand and I am forever grateful. Her blog also features some little snippets on organization, fitness and home decor all with her down to earth realness and positivity.

The Fitnesissta 


Gina just celebrated ten years of blogging over at The Fitnessista and what a talented, high-achiever she is. Her blog is heavily fitness and healthy food focused, but she also touches on fashion, makeup and what’s going on in her life. She’s a mom, a military wife, an aerobics instructor and most recently a podcaster (haven’t checked out the podcast yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome). I really enjoy her recipes, workout suggestions and life recaps and look forward to listening to her podcast real soon.

Hi Sugarplum!


Last but certainly not least, is Cassie’s blog, Hi Sugarplum! I just started following Cassie a few months ago and since then she’s partnered with Nordstrom and launched a line of clothing and accessories with Gibson. Her style is casual, kinda Southern, kinda preppy and 100% adorable. If you need outfit and home decor inspiration, this is your gal to follow.

I’d love to hear about the blogs or insta accounts you are inspired by and following- please share!! Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!