Latisse Review Before and After Photos

Everywhere you look, it seems like eyelashes are getting longer and longer with the lash extensions becoming more popular. My lashes are naturally on the longer side, but I wanted to get a little more length and fullness. While a lot of eyelash extensions look great (and others like cartoon characters), I have heard of lots of bad experiences including eye irritation and permanent damage of natural lashes. Also the cost is no joke at $150 bucks for a full set and then refills every few weeks. And then there’s the recent lockdown where everyone’s lash extensions were falling out.

I decided to give Latisse a try as it’s managed by a medical professional and I liked the natural yet effective results I saw in my online research. Due to the lockdown, I opted to use an online delivery vs. going to the doc’s office and had a really good experience with SkinSolutions.MD. I received a first time offer for $134 for a 10 week supply. A doctor reviews your driver’s license and face photos, fulfills the order and it ships out to you. The entire process took about 10 days from order to receiving.

I’ve now used the product for the full 10 weeks and am happy to share my before and after photos with you. I am definitely going to continue with the product but will get it from my local medical spa. See below for a few tips and what the application process entails.

Top image before, Bottom image is 10 weeks of using Latisse once a day. No mascara in either pic

The process is slow, considering it takes 10 weeks to get these results. I do really like that the results are natural and you can see my lashes are not only longer, but darker and thicker.

A few caveats is that you must continue to use Latisse at least every other day to maintain these results. You apply a droplet to each top lash line once per day. The kit provides a separate, sterile brush for each eye, for each day. I did not experience any eye pain, headaches, redness, itchiness or irritation. I’ve also heard Revitilash boasting similar results but it is not available to ship to CA. I would definitely not recommend using anything that isn’t prescribed by a physician. I tried Rapid Lash serum off Amazon and experienced horrible eye pain and headaches which ceased immediately after I stopped using. Not worth risking the health of your eyes! Hope this is helpful and could not recommend Latisse enough. Easy and effective to use.

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