Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Oh good grief, I do not know where December went, but here we are, five days out from Christmas. Men always seem to be the hardest to shop for and my hubby is no exception. While I’m sure he’d be happy as a clam receiving a Home Depot gift card (and that is one of his little gifts), I do try to put some thought into his gifts. We don’t go too big at Christmas or birthdays as we prefer to spend the moola on travel or big home projects. Here’s a round up of what he’ll be getting as his big gifts and also little stocking stuffers:

  1. Smartwool Socks

Smartwool socks

Hubs discovered Smartwool socks in preparation for our trip to Greece. He wanted breathable (not smelly) socks that he could wear more than one day and on a long airplane flight. Enter in Smartwool socks and these have now become his favorite socks to live in. He’s also a fan of their underlayers for when we’re camping in cold temps. I thought I’d surprise him with Smartwool dress socks so he can literally wear them all the time.

Dress socks

2. Apple Watch Band

We love, love, love our Apple Watches after upgrading from Fitbits. Hubs still has his original watchband that came with it and I thought it’d be nice to have a dressier option to switch out to. It’s not super great quality, but it does the trick.


3. Hand Sanitizer

I know, this seems so lame, but I can’t count how many times he’s needed hand sanitizer while we’re out and about. I got the mini spray bottle at Trader Joe’s and think this will be perfect for him to keep in his truck.


4.DIY Book

Hubs is planning on building his very own workshop from the ground up this year so I thought a book with some plans and helpful tips would be fun for him to have on hand.


5. Gift card to Home Depot

It is his favorite place and he mentioned wanting a nail gun. I tried looking for nail guns and it was overwhelming so now he can pick out the perfect one.

6. Allbirds

Hubs can be a Goldilocks when it comes to finding shoes. With all the hype these shoes are getting, I figured these might be a winner. Not to mention, he loves wool socks so why not wool shoes? I will report back on his like/dislike. I got the Wool Runners and they have guaranteed free shipping to make it by Christmas Eve. Weeee!


And that my friends is a wrap that I still need to wrap! Merry Christmas and I hope that gives you all some inspiration for the man in your life.


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