Favorite “Clean” Adult Shows on Netflix and Prime

We all have a lot more time at home lately which allows for more streaming binges. The hubs and I currently have Netflix, Prime and Disney + and I’m looking at adding Hulu into the mix too. While I’m not judging others, we try to watch shows that don’t contain lots of graphic sex stuff. It’s what we feel is in line with our Christian beliefs and it’s hard to unsee something once you’ve seen it. It’s also really hard these days to find good shows that don’t contain over the top nudity. If you’re like us and looking for some cleaner options, I wanted to help you out by compiling a list of shows we’ve really enjoyed that you don’t have to worry about seeing stuff you’d rather not. I won’t give a synopsis of each one, but hope you enjoy. Keep in mind these aren’t necessarily family friendly as some might have violence, language and/or more adult themes.  Also, there might be implied scenes in these shows, but they are all graphic nudity free. I’d love to hear any options you recommend too.


  • The Blacklist
  • Rebellion
  • Colony
  • Wanted
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Secret City
  • Somebody Feed Phil
  • The Staircase
  • The Killing (season 1- can’t speak to season 2)
  • Fallet
  • Safe
  • Hinterland
  • Shetland
  • Limitless (similar to movie with Bradley Cooper)
  • Longmire

Amazon Prime

  • Detectorists
  • Homecoming
  • Dickensian
  • Unforgotten
  • Endeavour
  • The Suspicions of Mr Whicher
  • Little Dorrit




2020 Goal Setting Tips

I love the fresh slate that a new year brings and it’s even more exciting to have a new decade. I went through the last ten years and wrote down one big thing that happened each year from 2010 through 2019. All I can say is, time sure does fly! I wanted to share some of my 2020 goals with you and the process I take to ensure I don’t just forget about these goals after January has passed.

I arrange my goals in buckets of Spiritual, Financial, Professional, Hobbies/Growth and Health. I try to only plan 1-2 goals per bucket otherwise I know I’m just setting myself up to fail. I also involve the hubby as some goals involve both of us and we want to be sure we’re both on the same page and working towards these goals together.

I only make quarterly goals because I want to keep them achievable and have the flexibility and freedom to adjust these goals as needed. Now to get really nerdy, I schedule a monthly check-in on the first of each month with my hubby so we can review our goals and our progress. Again, this ensures I’m sticking to the goals and not just forgetting about them after the newness of January has faded.

To summarize here are a few goal setting tips:

  • Arrange goals in buckets (Health, Hobbies, Professional) and only pick 1 goal per bucket. 
  • Involve your spouse or significant other to have an accountability partner. This also helps with together goals such as finances or home projects.
  • Make quarterly goals with a measurement metric at the end of each quarter to gauge your progress. 
  • Schedule a monthly check in on your calendar with your goals attached so you can review your progress. 
  • Include your WHY with each goal that you set so you can stay motivated and remember what is driving you to achieve this. 

Here are my goals in each bucket for some inspiration:

Spiritual: Study book of the Bible in depth beyond just daily reading.

Financial: Get a trust completed on Legal Zoom by March 30, 2020

Professional: Start a new career and making a specific salary goal

Hobbies: Do a daily Spanish Duolingo lesson

Health: Cut back daily sugar intake to less than 21 grams per day

I’d LOVE to hear your goals for 2020 and how you are planning to succeed in achieving them.

Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Oh good grief, I do not know where December went, but here we are, five days out from Christmas. Men always seem to be the hardest to shop for and my hubby is no exception. While I’m sure he’d be happy as a clam receiving a Home Depot gift card (and that is one of his little gifts), I do try to put some thought into his gifts. We don’t go too big at Christmas or birthdays as we prefer to spend the moola on travel or big home projects. Here’s a round up of what he’ll be getting as his big gifts and also little stocking stuffers:

  1. Smartwool Socks

Smartwool socks

Hubs discovered Smartwool socks in preparation for our trip to Greece. He wanted breathable (not smelly) socks that he could wear more than one day and on a long airplane flight. Enter in Smartwool socks and these have now become his favorite socks to live in. He’s also a fan of their underlayers for when we’re camping in cold temps. I thought I’d surprise him with Smartwool dress socks so he can literally wear them all the time.

Dress socks

2. Apple Watch Band

We love, love, love our Apple Watches after upgrading from Fitbits. Hubs still has his original watchband that came with it and I thought it’d be nice to have a dressier option to switch out to. It’s not super great quality, but it does the trick.


3. Hand Sanitizer

I know, this seems so lame, but I can’t count how many times he’s needed hand sanitizer while we’re out and about. I got the mini spray bottle at Trader Joe’s and think this will be perfect for him to keep in his truck.


4.DIY Book

Hubs is planning on building his very own workshop from the ground up this year so I thought a book with some plans and helpful tips would be fun for him to have on hand.


5. Gift card to Home Depot

It is his favorite place and he mentioned wanting a nail gun. I tried looking for nail guns and it was overwhelming so now he can pick out the perfect one.

6. Allbirds

Hubs can be a Goldilocks when it comes to finding shoes. With all the hype these shoes are getting, I figured these might be a winner. Not to mention, he loves wool socks so why not wool shoes? I will report back on his like/dislike. I got the Wool Runners and they have guaranteed free shipping to make it by Christmas Eve. Weeee!


And that my friends is a wrap that I still need to wrap! Merry Christmas and I hope that gives you all some inspiration for the man in your life.


Lululemon Shorts Amazon Dupe for $24

Now we all know about the great quality and fit of the brand that is Lululemon. I have run many a half marathon in their shorts and they have always delivered on comfort, style and function. On the flip side, they are pretty pricey clocking in at $60 a pop for a pair of shorts. Living in sunny SoCal, I run in shorts 99% of the time and decided to go searching for a Lululemon short dupe on Amazon.


I really like these features of the Lululemon Run Times Short 4″ and wanted to find the exact same features for a better price:

-hidden front pocket

-back zippered pocket

-wide comfort waist band


-light and breathable


After a little Amazon searching, I landed on a pair that looked really similar to the Run Times short and they were only $24. These have all the same features of the Lululemon Run Time Short but for such a great price. If you like a longer running short like the Run Time Short, then you will absolutely love this short dupe from Amazon. I have completed many runs in them thus far and they are light, do not ride up or down, are breathable and wash well without shrinking in the dryer.


In regards to sizing, I purchased these Amazon shorts in XXS which is comparable to Lululemon’s size 0. Their durability remains to be seen and tested, but after several washes, they are holding up perfectly. I’d highly recommend!

What to do with 5 days in Crete


Ah beautiful Crete. This was by far, our favorite leg of our Greece trip. Crete is the largest of the Greek isles and as such, we decided to split our trip with 3 days in Chania and 2.5 days in Elounda. I highly recommend doing this as it gives you the time needed to explore and really take in the island without trying to drive from one end to the other in one day. It is a beautiful island with amazingly hospitable people who take great pride in their shops and restaurants.

Day One

We took a 45 minute flight out of Athens and rented a car from Sixt (counter at the airport) to get around. If you are brave enough to take on the Greek driving experience, I’d highly recommend renting a car. We drove about an hour to our hotel in Chania, Domes Noruz. Trust me- you must stay here. The service was impeccable, and the restaurant was amazing. Upon arrival, we met our lovely concierge who gave us a full tour of the property and our room. Rooms have Nespresso machines, wading pools and private patios. There is also a spa on site which looks really nice, but we didn’t indulge (should have!)

We were starving and ordered an early lunch from the restaurant, a tasty salad with grilled Greek cheeses and some freshly baked bread with dipping sauces. Heaven!


Amazing beachside meal at Domez Noruz

We were feeling our jet lag and decided to relax by one of the two pools until dinner where we ventured out into the old Venetian port area of town. The stroll down the waterfront is so romantic in the evening, with tons of restaurants to choose from and little shops to explore down cobblestone alleyways. We opted for some Italian food for dinner as we needed a break from the Greek fare. We both enjoyed pasta dishes at Veneto. The pizza here is supposed to be quite good as well. The food and service were on point and made for a perfect, romantic evening.


The Venetian Port in Chania


Restaurant Veneto in Chania

Day Two

We ate breakfast at the Domes Noruz restaurant almost every day and it was worth every penny. It’s a huge Greek spread of miniature baked goods, fresh breads, jams, honey, nuts, fruits, yogurt, granola and hot items like eggs and sausage, all that you can enjoy on the patio overlooking the ocean.


A less windy spot at Elafonissi Beach

For our first full day, we ventured out to the famous pink sand beach, Elafonissi. It was a bit of a trek from our hotel on narrow, winding roads sprinkled with tiny, idyllic villages. The beach was more crowded than we expected, but still worth the trip. There are several stands where you can buy a bite to eat and restrooms that cost a euro to use. Be advised that the beach is extremely windy so you’ll want to bring a towel to sit on and a towel to wrap yourself in when the wind picks up. We were able to find a spot amidst some rocks to lay out, enjoy the views and read. There’s an inlet of water that you can wade through that is quite warm with clear water. The water is a breathtaking blue with lots of soft sand to put your toes in.


Milia Mountain Resort

From the beach we headed back to Chania with a few planned stops along the way. We popped in a shop called To Pantopolion which is a gem filled with wares from local artisans and Cretan products. We really wanted to bring back gifts and souvenirs that were unique and truly Greek and this shop offers just that. Our concierge recommended we visit a tucked away eco resort, Milia Mountain Retreat. You guys….this is a must visit. It’s a bit of a beast to get there, up some winding, narrow, non-paved roads, but WHEN you get there, it feels like you’ve stepped into an old world fairy tale. The property dates back to the 17th century and has since been restored into a sustainable resort and restaurant hosting cooking courses and activities for guests. We enjoyed a fantastic late lunch in their rustic dining room made primarily from ingredients grown on the property including a spinach feta hand pie, bean salad, strawberry sorbet and goat’s milk ice cream.

We headed back to the resort and were still full from lunch so turned in as we had a 5am wakeup call.

Day Three


The trailhead of Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge! If you are on the athletic side and love nature and hiking, you must hike the Samaria Gorge, the largest gorge in Europe. There are several tour companies and I would highly recommend the company we used, Elafonissos Travel and mountain goat of a guide, Kostos. This is an ALL day adventure and does require a certain level of physical fitness as it’s over 11 miles of rocky down and uphill hiking. To begin, the tour bus picked us up at 6am near our hotel and then we begin the drive to the top of the gorge, about a one hour trek through beautiful albeit windy mountain roads (If you get carsick, you’ll want to forgo this or take your Bonine). The bus makes a pit stop at a small restaurant at the starting point where you can purchase grab and go items such as pastries, to go sandwiches, hardboiled eggs and fruit.

And now the hike begins. The trails are primarily downhill and are extremely rocky and uneven. You’ll want to wear a pair of real hiking boots, although there was an older gent in our party who survived the whole ordeal in Teva sandals so there’s that. Keep in mind, if you break anything the only way out is by donkey so just wear the right shoes. There are also bathrooms and water fountains at intervals along the hike.


Samaria Gorge

The hike takes you through wooded areas, slot canyons and the old Samaria settlement, vacated in the 1970’s. The scenery is gorgeous, and you are hiking next to and through a river the entire way. The hike ends in the small and car-less village of Agia Romeli where you can put your feet in the ocean, enjoy an ice cold beer, gyros and relax. Pack your swimsuit and take a dip in the ocean and relax on a beach chair that you can rent for a few euros. We took a ferry back to our pickup point and made a very long bus ride back to Chania along some treacherous roads, half eroded away by landslides and flooding. Quite an adventure.

Despite being absolutely pooped, we decided to hit up the Domes Noruz restaurant again for an amazing fancy dinner. A great way to put an exclamation point on a lovely visit to Chania.

Day 4

We were in serious leisure mode after hiking the previous day, so we decided to check out late and then head to Elounda, about a three hour drive. The plan was to stop in Heraklion and explore a bit, but once we got into the heart of the city, driving was too chaotic and we opted to head to our hotel to lay by the pool instead. We were in serious relax mode. We stopped for a pizza and salad lunch at Olio in the little downtown of Elounda.


View of Spinalonga from our room at the Blue Palace

We checked into Blue Palace which is a huge resort right on the ocean and directly across from the small island, Spinalonga which was once used as a leper colony. The service was great, and you could easily get lost at this property as it’s so large. There is a gondola type elevator that moves you between the different levels. We had a two level room complete with a soaking pool looking out to the ocean. Honestly, it was the size of a small condo, way more than we needed but fun nonetheless. There are multiple pools on the property and an extensive beach. We explored the resort and then meandered down to the adjacent little town of Aglios Nikolaos for dinner. We had the loveliest, intimate dinner on the patio of a restaurant called The Carob Tree. Again, the service was amazing and they gave us free starters and dessert (very common in Greece so bring the stretchy pants). We enjoyed fresh bread, fish roe, a bean salad and beef stifado. There are a few eclectic shops right around there that are worth exploring, Mezzaluna and The Blue Shop.

Day 5

We had breakfast in downtown Elounda at a place called Babel and it was pretty tasty. From there we decided to visit a little olive oil “farm” of sorts, The Cretan Olive Oil Farm. It’s really just an outpost for the olive oil producer to sell products but also offer tours and mini classes. Classes include ceramics, cooking and cheesemaking. We chose to do a tour and the cheesemaking class. For the price, it was fun and interesting as we got to meet a real shepherd and watch the initial process of Greek cheese making (and yes, you get to eat it!). We also learned a ton about olive oil and picked up some nice products to share with family.


Cheese making with the shepherd Mr. Kostas


Cretan Olive Oil Farm

If you’re feeling adventurous there are several boats to take you out to Spinalonga, but we really wanted to be lazy and laid by the beach all day. The water is gorgeous and we wanted to take it all in. I can’t remember where we ate the last night so it must not have been very good!

The next morning, we were off to Heraklion to catch a ferry to Santorini. I’ll do a recap of our three days in Santorini in a separate post.

Would love to hear if you’ve been to Crete, what you did, what you ate!


What to do with 3 days in Athens

So you’re planning a trip to Greece!! We spent two weeks in Greece, spending 3 days in Athens, 1 day trip to Aegina, 6 days in Crete and 4 days in Santorini. I’ll be breaking up my posts by the areas of Greece that we traveled to. So here we go with what to do if you have three days in Athens. If you are staying exclusively in Athens, three full days will be plenty of time to explore it all. Honestly, two full days in Athens is enough accompanied by a day trip to a surrounding attraction or nearby island is even a good option.

Day One

We arrived in Athens in the late afternoon and got checked into the New Hotel in the heart of Athens. I would highly recommend this hotel because of the amazing service, clean (albeit tiny) rooms and it’s centrally located. It’s got a modern, artsy vibe and you are in walking distance of the Plaka.


Walking through the Plaka

To combat the jet lag, we walked through the Plaka that night, taking in the sounds and sights of the bustling city. For dinner we were looking for very traditional Greek fare to kick off our first night in Athens. We landed on Liondi, a small restaurant at the foot of the Acropolis. It did not disappoint with big portions of traditional, delicious Greek fare.

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Chicken gyro, Moussaka and complimentary chocolate cake at Liondi’s

We finished up the night exploring more of the Plaka. There are countless gelato shops, touristy stores and nooks and crannies to explore including the colorful, one of kind doors that adorn the old buildings.

a1e273cd-5546-4abb-948d-226f80c6fc44 2

Meeting one of the many cats of Greece

Day Two

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and if you feel the same way, visit Yiasemi in the Plaka. There are several open air, eclectic rooms where you can sit and enjoy the breakfast buffet, a spread of homemade baked goods, egg dishes, yogurt, honey and absolute deliciousness. You feel as if you are at someone’s house taking part in an amazing potluck. There’s live piano music in the background and it’s just beyond lovely.


On the steps outside Yiasemi


Inside Yiasemi, complete with piano player


Some of the delicious bites at Yiasemi’s buffet

Next we were off to the Acropolis. We purchased the three day pass which allowed us to take in the other historical sights. We didn’t buy these in advance, just purchased while in line to get in. While we went in May, it was still quite hot and there really is no shade throughout the entire trek or when you are at the top. I’d recommend either taking a guided tour or reading up beforehand on all of the history. The signs are fairly limited and more of an explanation of the architecture rather than the history.


It’s quite breathtaking and exciting to be viewing a part of such ancient history as you meander up to the top of the Acropolis to the Parthenon, passing the Amphitheater temples and ruins along the way. Keep an eye out for tortoises as we saw a few munching on grass amidst the ruins. There are restrooms and water fountains at the top as it is quite warm if you’re there in the Spring and Summer months. I’d allow at least 2-3 hours to take in all the sites here.


Hadrian’s Library

Next we walked on to Ancient Agora (you’ll get a lot of walking in!) and then to Hadrian’s Library. Hadrian’s library is in the heart of the Monastraki marketplace. We were still full from our yummy breakfast so we grabbed fresh veggie and fruit juices from Xymopieio (so good we went there the next day too).


The best juice from Xymopieio in Monastraki marketplace

We got caught in a long downpour here and waited it out in the rather sketchy transit station. There is quite a lot of open air shopping here and rooftop dining, but it did feel a bit sketch. The downpour continued so we ran through the rain to Ancient Agora where we explored the Agora Museum. It’s a very impressive museum and admission is included with your site pass. Due to the rain, we didn’t explore the grounds of the Ancient Agora and headed back to get ready for dinner.

We had a long walk to dinner from our hotel but it was worth it! We went to Atitamos in the center of Athens. It’s a tiny restaurant (plan on a bit of a wait) with a small outdoor patio. We enjoyed fresh bread, phyllo wrapped feta drizzled with sesame and honey, salads and the best baklava I’ve had so far. The service was impeccable and prices could not be beat.


This baklava deserves its own photo.

Day Three

We had breakfast at a little curbside cafe (sorry, can’t find the name of it). From there we toured Hadrian’s Arch and surrounding grounds. We then went back to Ancient Agora and the Temple of Olympia. There’s really so much to see here and it really depends on how much of a history buff you are to determine how long you’d like to spend here. I would really recommend getting a tour guide though as the signs are really nominal and not very informative.


We went back to the juice bar, Xymopieio, for a midday snack as we wanted to save room for a big, later dinner. We then checked out the Acropolis Museum which really is a must see. It’s built over an ancient Athenian neighborhood and it’s quite an experience to peer down into it through the glass floors. The museum is beautiful and has a nice terrace restaurant and bookshop.

Dinner plans were for a rooftop restaurant with an Acropolis view. We made same day reservations at Strofi which had really strong reviews. A few tips, make your reservations further in advance than we did so you can get a later time (8pm or later) so you can really enjoy the Acropolis lit up at night. Also, I can’t recommend Strofi. The service was seriously lacking and the food for the price was just not very good. Maybe it was an off day when we went, but I wouldn’t return. Regardless, do make sure you do an Acropolis view, rooftop restaurant for dinner at least one night while in Athens.


Looking out over Athens from the Acropolis vantage point

I’d love to hear about your plans and experience in Athens! It’s a beautiful, albeit busy, big city with a rich history which you need to experience.

Safe and happy travels!





What to expect from a Pressed Juicery Cleanse


 Here we are a few weeks into January, the time when we’re setting new goals and hitting the reset button. I felt the need to reset and refresh my eating habits as I’ve been pretty much eating whatever I want including a hefty amount of  sugar. I decided to do a juice “cleanse” with Pressed Juicery to get my food mindset back on track.

I committed to a 2 day cleanse due to the cost ($30 per day) and also wanted to see if I would really follow through with this. I snookered a co-worker into doing the cleanse with me because misery loves company right? So here’s what you need to know to do this cleanse along with my results and daily recap throughout the cleanse. I chose to do the most intense, lowest sugar, lowest calorie cleanse because that’s how I roll. Pressed Juicery has three levels of cleanses. I did Cleanse 3.


Pressed Juicery Cleanse 3: lowest calorie and lowest sugar

Before the Cleanse

I did zero prep before the cleanse such as cutting out sugar or caffeine. I just dove in head first. Disclaimer though…I continued to drink my cup of morning coffee mixed with  chicory and a splash of unsweetened almond milk. Sorry, but I am not giving up my coffee for ANYTHING.

  • Check your schedule to ensure you don’t have any big food events (work luncheons, parties etc…) and nothing too physically taxing such as long runs or intense workouts planned.
  • Check your cycle and plan a time when you are not close to starting your period. Personally, I start to sleep poorly, am moodier and have less self control during PMS time and couple that with cleansing and you’re going to be Ms. Crankypants.
  • Plan the cleanse on days you have easy access to a restroom because you will be peeing A LOT. You are constantly drinking water or juice and you will be taking countless trips to the bathroom. So a road trip would be a bad idea.
  • I would recommend days that you are busy as it helps to have distractions such as errands, cleaning the house etc…
  • Cleanse on days you don’t have cooking responsibilities. It’s really difficult to be that involved with food while you are cleansing.
  • Pick up all your juices the day before so you have them ready to go.


Day One

I am full of resolve and confidence and excited to start this challenge. My stomach starts to growl around 7am and I drink my first juice. The juices are surprisingly tasty and satisfy the tummy. I have to fight the natural impulse to get up and grab a snack from the work kitchen around 9am and throughout the day. I notice that these urges come on when I am feeling slightly hungry, I am bored or there is a complex issue I don’t want to work on. I continue to drink the juices at the 2 hour intervals- 9am, 11am an 1pm. At 2pm, I head out for a lunchtime run of 3 miles and have plenty of energy. I am not ravenous when I finish.

At night, I do start to feel really hungry and find it impossible to prep dinner for the hubby. It is too tempting smelling and handling all the food. I almost eat a potato chip but the hubby holds me accountable and asks if I really want to do that. Bless him. I sip on some chamomile tea to end the night and sleep like a baby.


Day Two 

I wake up confident and not too hungry. I have enough energy to do a leg workout in the a.m. Thinking about food and what I am going to eat the next day consume my thoughts. The worst part is that my stomach starts to feel gassy and urpy. It feels like things are moving around and it is super uncomfortable. The unsettled stomach subsides around 1pm followed by feeling sluggish and cranky. I am having a hard time keeping up with all the juice drinking too, so much so that I fall behind and don’t drink the almond milk “dessert” juice. Emotionally and physically I feel low, tired and cranky. The hubby is really looking forward to this cleanse being over. Again, I sleep well and thoughts of tacos and breakfast in my near future kept me sane.


Results and Thoughts

I lost 1 lb after the cleanse. My stomach feels flatter and less bloated. Keep in mind that you are still consuming at least 850 calories on the most intense cleanse so you are by no means starving yourself or fasting. Pressed Juicery recommends drinking your juice followed by 16 oz of water. I was not successful in this and I’m sure that it would have been better if I followed their directions.

Most importantly, I feel a sense of confidence and accomplishment for having met my goal. I also have a heightened awareness of how often I had been snacking when I didn’t need to. It was almost refreshing to feel REAL hunger. How often do we let ourselves get really hungry before we eat? So often we are snacking and never allow our bodies to get into that hungry, stomach growling state. I felt very in tune with my body and my mind throughout this process.

I also felt very hydrated and my skin was glowing. It made me realize that I don’t drink enough water and do need to up my intake of greens as beauty and health are directly impacted by what we consume.

Next time I would opt for a 3 day cleanse. I am also considering doing a once a week water or juice fast as a regular routine to reap these benefits.  For cost reasons, I would most likely attempt to juice at home vs. buying. I’ll keep you posted.

My Peloton Bike Hack


Sunny Bike

I wanted to share one of my favorite, new ways that I have been squeezing in my cardio workouts. You’ve probably seen or heard of the Peloton bike. It’s a stationary bike with a screen for streaming live and pre-recorded spin classes led by Peloton instructors. The bike also tracks your stats such as calories, cadence, output etc… during your workout. If you choose to catch a live class, it can be a fully immersive experience with other riders and the instructor.

I decided to try the free trial of the Peloton app, streaming classes provided you have a spin bike that you can use. To test, I used a spin bike at the gym and was surprised how much I loved the classes. I have always liked spin and used to teach it many moons ago.

I was waffling back and forth whether or not to purchase the Peloton bike for my home to get the full “Peloton experience”. After running some numbers, I could not stomach paying $2,245 for the basic bike package and an additional $39 each month for the digital streaming membership. If you’re frugal like me but still want the great Peloton classes, here’s what I did as a Peloton bike hack that has worked out great!

I purchased this bike on Amazon for just under $300. It has great reviews and a 49 lb flywheel. I am very happy with it thus far. I would only say that since I am 4’11” and use the lowest seat setting and it works great. The hubby says it was pretty easy to assemble (it took him about an hour and no curse words were uttered). The bike also has a handy water bottle holder.

I would recommend getting a padded seat cover. It’s a game changer especially if you are new to spinning (you’ll thank me!). I am really happy with this Schwinn Memory Foam one and it fits the bike seat like a glove.


 Schwinn Memory Foam

Now most importantly how to track the cadence on your ride to keep in step with instructor cue’s.  This cadence computer  is a gem. I feel that it is really accurate and it is an important piece of the equation if you want to get the most bang for your buck out of the workouts. It tracks your cadence which helps you stay in step with the speed the instructor calls out and music. I have found that I work much harder with the cadence computer to keep me honest. It also tracks the distance you’ve gone.


Cateye cadence computer

I also purchased this handlebar phone holder for $18.99 and it works great with my iphone X Max which is where I watch the workouts from. It even fits the much smaller iPhone 5 with a case on it. I use regular iPhone headphones or my Beats during the workout. You could also airplay the workout onto an Apple TV.

You’ll want to get a yoga mat or some sort of mat to protect your floor if the bike’s not in the garage. I used one I already had but here is a similar one.


Handlebar phone holder

Lastly, I will be purchasing some different pedals for the bike so that I can utilize my spin shoes. The bike comes with pedals with cages for normal shoes, but not pedals with clips. An Amazon reviewer of the same bike purchased these Shimano pedals and said they work well so these are on my wish list.

Here’s the breakdown of what I spent vs. the Peloton bike and digital membership

Bike $300

Cadence computer $48

Cushion seat $15

Phone holder $19

Monthly app fee for streaming Peloton classes $12.99

Spent $382 (plus $20 per month) vs. Peloton Bike $2245 (plus monthly fee of $39)

Saved $1863 and $19 per month.


Whether you decide to go with my Peloton bike hack or buy the real deal, I can only say positive things about the Peloton app and their workouts. I have tried the running workouts as well and have also enjoyed them. The music is so well curated and the instructors are fantastic. Happy to answer any questions you have on the Peloton bike hack or my Peloton experience thus far.


Madewell Outfits Roundup

Hey There. I’m just going to jump right in here and start talking about the fabulous store that is Madewell. I first heard about Madewell about five years ago from a co-worker who called it J. Crew’s little sister, but I would have to say, Madewell is really the boho little sis to J. Crew’s preppy older sis. I love both of these brands and their petite/XXS/00 sizing that they often offer. As I get along in my thirties, I find both brands to offer really stylish, flattering pieces and quality. Also, a friendly tidbit…if you are an AMEX cardholder and you get the monthly promotions they do, Madewell often is a brand that takes part in these promotions, such as spend $125, get $25 back. Here are just a few of the pieces I loved on my last shopping trip to Madewell.


XXS Ballet Wrap Top

This little mushroom colored top is ribbed and fitted with a wrap around tie. Wear a tank underneath for work or no tank for some va va voom date night-ness.


XXS Garden Party Top

I love the fit of this Fall floral print top. It’s roomy and would look so cute with some denim and cognac colored booties. We are still in shorts out here in San Diego because it’s been in the 80’s. #readyforsomecoolerweather

IMG_6830 2

XXS Tie Front Tee

This little top is so different in color and style than anything in my closet. I loved the mustard yellow for Fall and the little tie front detail.


00 Dress * Wedges

This dress is the same print as the earlier top. The fit is so flattering. It has a tie waist, with the bow looking best in the front believe it or not. The sleeves have this gorgeous flow to them and the neckline plunges. It is such a stunner but in a casual, girl next door kind of way.

Do you love Madewell? Any thoughts or recommendations on their denim? Haven’t tried their denim yet. Have a lovely Tuesday!!

My 4 Favorite Blogs to Follow

Happy Friday! We made it! It’s been one of those calmer weeks around here, which I like and would not trade for anything. For today’s Friday favorites, I wanted to share a few of the blogs that I really love and follow on a regular basis. You’ll see a common theme here, as they are all blogs with a mix of fitness, food and fashion; lifestyle blogs that have some variety to them. So without further ado, here are my favorite blogging ladies and I’d love to hear of any bloggers that you are loving right now too.

The Hungry Runner Girl


While I’m not an avid runner, I love this gal’s blog and read it almost daily. The Hungry Runner Girl is Janae, a Utah mom of three young kiddos. I don’t know how she does it, but she blogs every day. The topic of running takes a prominent spot on the blog, but she also talks a ton about food, family and products she’s using. You feel like you’re one of her good friends giving you a glimpse into her daily life all while being genuine and transparent. She ALMOST motivates me to start running again half marathons again, but then I remember how much I don’t enjoy running long distances. We’ll see. If you are a runner or just want some food tips, this is a great blog to check out.

Honey We’re Home 


I have to say Megan’s blog, Honey We’re Home, is my favorite spot to go to for fashion, beauty and fitness tips. She’s a Texas mama of two, in her early forties and is as fit and cute as can be. If you are part of the short girl club, you will love her petite friendly outfits (she’s 5’1”). Her style is casual, classic and feminine and I love that she tests out so many outfits for us petite ladies. She also gives great beauty tutorials on hair, makeup and skincare that are easy to follow. She taught me how to use a curling wand and I am forever grateful. Her blog also features some little snippets on organization, fitness and home decor all with her down to earth realness and positivity.

The Fitnesissta 


Gina just celebrated ten years of blogging over at The Fitnessista and what a talented, high-achiever she is. Her blog is heavily fitness and healthy food focused, but she also touches on fashion, makeup and what’s going on in her life. She’s a mom, a military wife, an aerobics instructor and most recently a podcaster (haven’t checked out the podcast yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome). I really enjoy her recipes, workout suggestions and life recaps and look forward to listening to her podcast real soon.

Hi Sugarplum!


Last but certainly not least, is Cassie’s blog, Hi Sugarplum! I just started following Cassie a few months ago and since then she’s partnered with Nordstrom and launched a line of clothing and accessories with Gibson. Her style is casual, kinda Southern, kinda preppy and 100% adorable. If you need outfit and home decor inspiration, this is your gal to follow.

I’d love to hear about the blogs or insta accounts you are inspired by and following- please share!! Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!